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Additional Programs

Programs 2018


Training Program for Home Visitors of the “Pe’imot” Program

In collaboration with: Potkhim Atid” [Opening the Future]

Goal: To assist home visitors who work with parents on their relationship with their young children, to help prevent neglect and abuse.

Target Population: Home visitors

Number of Sessions: 4

Number of Participants: 25

Location: Yokneam and Kiryat Gat


Seminar for Trustees of “Potkhim Atid” [Opening the Future], on: ‘Play or Abuse?: Children’s Sexual Behavior’

In collaboration with: Potkhim Atid” [Opening the Future]

Goal: To provide tools to understand the spectrum of children’s sexual behavior: What lies between the appropriate and the harmful; safe, open communication with children; practical experience via simulation.

Target Population: Employees of the “Potkhim Atid” program.

Number of Sessions: One-day seminar for each region, 6 sessions in total.

Number of Participants: About 70 at each one-day seminar, a total of 420 participants.

Location: Tiberias, Dimona, Beit-Shean, Tel-Aviv, Kiryat Gat, Akko.


A Course on Reducing Risk

In collaboration with: The Rotenberg Institute

Goal: To provide applicable tools for treating maltreated children, through understanding the unique psychology and doctrine of Prof. Rotenberg.

Target Population: Professionals in the fields of treatment and education

Number of Sessions: 10

Number of Participants: 25

Location: The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Mt. Scopus


Extension Course for Therapists on DBT Therapy Skills– at the Neve Michael Children’s Village

In collaboration with: Neve Michael Children’s Village

Goal: To impart the principles of the DBT treatment method, an evidence-based intervention for people with borderline personality disorder that has also been found suitable for the young girls treated at the Emergency Center for Girls.

Target Population: Therapists treating victims of abuse in all of the Village’s frameworks (two emergency centers, an after-school facility and boarding school).

Number of Sessions: 10

Number of Participants: 15

Location: Neve Michael, Pardes Hana


A Study Program of the Barkai Institute for Congregational Rabbis (second year)

In collaboration with: The Barkai Institute

Goal: Providing tools for diagnosis and identification of maltreated children, to create community-based protection and prevention.

Target Population: Rabbis of the congregations

Number of Sessions: 4

Number of Participants: 18

Location: Modi’in

Programs 2017


Study Program for the Rabbis of the Barkai Institute

In Partnership with:  The Barkai Institute

Goal: Providing tools to help cope with the challenges of domestic violence against children

Target Population:  Community rabbis

Number of Sessions:  6

Participants:  20

Location: The Barkai Institute, Modi’in



Training Caretakers Working with Pre-Schoolers in East Jerusalem

In Partnership with:  The Jerusalem Municipality, the Ministry of Education

Goal: Escorting kindergarten teachers and social-workers in the challenges and uncertainties they face in the process of implementing the training program held in 2016.

Target Population:  Kindergarten teachers and social-workers

Number of Sessions:  7

Participants:  10

Location: East Jerusalem

Study Program for School Bussing Escorts

In Partnership with: The Jerusalem and Holon Municipalities

Goal: The bussing environment is one of the spaces in which children with special needs are abused. The bussing escorts, who are  responsible for the children during bussing, must know how to cope with challenging situations during the ride to and from school, and give them the skills  to minimize situations of abuse and violence.

Target Population:  Bussing escorts for children with special needs, Jerusalem and Holon.

Number of Sessions: 4 identical seminar days

Participants:  1000

Location: Jerusalem and Holon


D.B.T. (Dialiectical Behavioral Therapy) for Therapistsatthe Neve Micha’el Children’s Village

Goal: To provide tools in treating children and adolescents suffering from complex emotional problems resulting from trauma and abuse.

Target Population: Therapists from the Emergency Center for Children and Young Girls, the Therapeutic-Advisory Unit, Day Boarding-School, Boarding School, social workers, psychologists, art therapists.

Number of Sessions: 13

Participants: 35

Location: Neve Micha’el, Pardes Hana

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