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In collaboration with: the State University of Georgia and the Ashdod Municipality.
January 2016


The SafeCare program in the United States works towards the prevention of child abuse and neglect. The Haruv Institute seeks to check its applicability in Israel. The program was developed to prevent neglect and abuse of children up to the age of five and to deal with its occurrence. In the United States, the program was applied to extensive populations (in the state of Oklahoma, in many parts of the state of Georgia, and more). The program proved to be very effective in preventing repetitive neglect in families known to the welfare agencies, or among poor families in general. The program consists of three units: parent-child interaction, child safety and the health of the child. In the course of the program, weekly sessions with a counselor are held in the family’s home. At each session a specific topic is studied, during which the counselor carries out observation and then explains, demonstrates and exercises with the parent the acquired skill.


In 2016, the pilot program in Israel began. SafeCare experts trained about 15 people in Ashdod  to become home visitors. Their training was took place from January 17-21st, 2016. They then began their house visits, meeting with families. The phase of the pilot program, meant to include about 50 families and review the effectiveness of the intervention, continued throughout 2016.