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Campus clinics

In order to realize our vision and establish a holistic service framework, our campus has opened a series of clinics under the auspices of Hadassah Hospital, Mt. of Olives. The proximity of our campus to the Hebrew University and the Hadassah Medical Center enables us to improve the medical services offered, making them more accessible and providing individually-tailored responses to the variety of needs of child victims of abuse who come to our campus. Moreover: The series of clinics seeks to create innovative therapeutic interventions via the creation of trauma-focused therapeutic models.

The clinics on campus currently include an occupational therapy clinic, a clinic for child psychiatry and a dental clinic. Future plans include opening a neurological clinic for children, a gynecological clinic for adolescent girls, a speech therapy clinic, a nutrition clinic, etc.

We invite you to watch the short video (2:52 minutes) about the work being done at the occupational therapy clinic at the Haruv Campus for Children. For additional information on the work of the occupational therapy clinic.