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ההרצאה הציבורית ה-10 על טראומה בגיל הרך לזכר פטרישה ון הורן ז"ל

29 בינואר 2024

Engaging Relationships to Treat Early Trauma
מרצה: ד"ר אליסיה ליברמן
מגיבה: ד"ר פולה דוד

לצפיה בהקלטת הרצאתה של ד"ר אליסיה ליברמן:

יום שני ה-29.1.24 | י"ט שבט תשפ"ד | בין השעות 20:00-18:00 | בפלטפורמת zoom
*ההרצאה באנגלית עם תרגום סימולטני לעברית
ברכות ומתן מלגות לזכרה של פרופ' פטרישה ון הורן ז"ל | פרופ' אשר בן-אריה, מנכ"ל מכון חרוב​
18:15 - 20:00
,Engaging Relationships to Treat Early Trauma
The Promise and Challenge of Disseminating Child-Parent Psychotherapy | Dr. Alicia Lieberman

This lecture will provide a brief description of Child-Parent Psychotherapy as an evidence-based treatment for trauma-exposed young children, including the intergenerational transmission of trauma and its impact on developmental trajectories starting in infancy. The importance of a clear fidelity framework to guide effective training and dissemination will be described using a clinical case presentation that illustrates the multiple facets of treatment when parents cannot serve as reliable protectors due to their own traumatic experiences. The talk will also describe strategies to apply the principles of Child-Parent Psychotherapy for outreach to very low-income and marginalized populations, including countries where there is scarcity of mental health providers and large numbers of children and adults exposed to societal and family violence

Dr. Alicia F. Lieberman

Alicia F. Lieberman, Ph.D., is Irving B. Harris Endowed Chair in Infant Mental Health,  Professor at the UCSF Department of Psychiatry, and director of the UCSF Child Trauma Research Program.  She directs the Early Trauma Treatment Network, a center of the federally funded National Child Traumatic Stress Network. She is the senior developer of Child-Parent Psychotherapy, a widely used evidence-based treatment for traumatized children aged birth-5 and their families. Her research involves treatment outcome studies with traumatized young children from low-income and under-represented minority groups. Her book The Emotional Life of the Toddler, translated to several languages, has been in print for almost 30 years and is now in its second edition.  Her professional books on childhood exposure to violence have been translated to several languages, including versions in Arabic and Hebrew that are used to increase understanding and foster dialogue between Israeli and Palestinian service providers. Born and raised in Paraguay, she received her professional training at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and The Johns Hopkins University.  This cross-cultural experience as a Jewish Latina and American informs her commitment to culturally responsive services and to increasing access and raising the standard of care for low-income and minoritized children and families. She is the recipient of numerous awards, including the 2023 UCSF Holly Smith Award for Exceptional University Service, 2020 Zero to Three Lifetime Achievement Award, 2016 Rene Spitz Lifetime Achievement Award from the World Association of Infant Mental Health (WAIMH), 2017 Whole Child Award from the Simms/Mann Institute, and 2016 Public Health Hero from the San Francisco Board of Supervisors

Discussion: Dr. Paula David
Clinical social worker, Director of Training Programs, Haruv Institute. Responsible for Haruv’s importation and dissemination in Israel

-לסטודנטיות וסטודנטים – ההשתתפות ללא תשלום אך יש להירשם מראש כאן

-קישור לזום יישלח לנרשמים עד ערב לפני מועד הרצאה

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