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Safety, regulation and trust: Building the relational foundations of reflection

יום ד', 25.1.23 | בין השעות 16:00-19:15

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תיאור הסדנא
When we work clinically with traumatized children and their families, we must build from the ground up. While our goal may be to help parents make sense and meaning of their children, the path to reflection begins with the establishment of safety, regulation and trust. This begins with the clinician, upon whose safety, regulation and reliability parents and children depend. From their own sense of security, the clinician can then find ways to diminish the parent's sense of danger and dysregulation, and to create a relationship that will hold the parent and the complexity of their feelings. Only then can the parent begin to provide safety, regulation, and build a trusting relationship with the child. This workshop will focus on developing these layers of safety, regulation and trust as the foundation for reflection and mentalizing.


אריאטה סלייד
Arietta Slade, Ph.D. is Professor of Clinical Child Psychology at the Yale Child Study Center, and Professor Emerita of Clinical Psychology at the City University of New York. An internationally recognized theoretician, clinician, teacher, and researcher, she has written widely on reflective parenting, the development of parental reflective functioning, and the implications of attachment and mentalization theory for child and adult psychotherapy. She is a Co-Founder and Co-Director of Minding the Baby ™, an evidence-based interdisciplinary reflective home visiting program for high-risk mothers, infants, and their families, at the Yale Child Study Center and School of Nursing. Dr. Slade is winner of the Bowlby-Ainsworth Award from the New York Attachment Consortium, and author of the forthcoming (June, 2023) Enhancing attachment and reflective parenting in clinical practice: A Minding the Baby Approach (Slade, with Sadler, Eaves, and Webb). She is also author, with Jeremy Holmes, of Attachment in Therapeutic Practice (Holmes & Slade, SAGE Publications, 2018), and editor of the six volume set, Major Work on Attachment (Slade & Holmes, SAGE Publications, 2014), as well as Mind to Mind: Infant Research, Neuroscience, and Psychoanalysis (Jurist, Slade, & Bergner, Other Press, 2008), and Children at Play (Slade & Wolf, Oxford University Press, 1994). She has also been in private practice for over 40 years, working with individuals of all ages.

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