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סדנא בנושא Attunement in the Helping Relationship with Families and Young Children

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Attunement in the Helping Relationship with Families and Young Children

הסדנא תתקיים ביום ד', ה-20/1/21, בין השעות 19:15-16:00 בפלטפורמת ZOOM.


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תיאור הסדנא

This workshop will build beginning skills in using the FAN (Facilitating Attuned Interactions) as a practical navigational tool to operationalize attunement in helping relationships with families and young children. Using the five core processes of the FAN, participants will learn to read cues and move flexibly on the FAN – matching your interactions to the family/child relationship. Participants will also develop their skills in Mindful Self-Regulation, helping them to stay calm and think clearly in challenging interactions. Participants will practice using the ARC of Engagement to structure sessions to promote emotional safety and collaboration.


ד"ר לינדה גילקרסון

Linda Gilkerson, Ph.D., LSW is an internationally recognized expert in infant mental health and early intervention. She is a professor and director of the Irving B. Harris Infant Studies Program at Erikson Institute, a graduate school in child development based in Chicago, Illinois. There, she founded Erikson’s first clinical initiative, Fussy Baby Network, an infant mental health informed prevention home visiting program for parents of infants under one year. Dr. Gilkerson is the developer of the FAN (Facilitating Attuned Interactions), an approach that is used widely in home visitation, early childhood mental health consultation programs, and pediatric residency training to facilitate parent engagement and reflective practice. Her research and publications focus on relationship-based approaches and reflective supervision in a range of settings including NICU, early intervention, and other community-based services.  She has been a long-time board member of Zero to Three and has served on numerous boards and advisory councils on infancy and early childhood




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