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Remuneration for continuing education

Remuneration for continuing education for the Harov Institute’s training

Social workers – following the new reform to the social worker, the payer must verify with the union of social workers whether the course is recognized as a reward for continuing education.


*Employer – such as – personnel manager, training manager, office accountant, CEO, the employer’s approval must be obtained in advance before starting the course.

Psychologists – Some of the training courses of the Harov Institute meet the conditions of the Consultative Psychological Service as distinct training courses and will be recognized as training programs entitled to financial reimbursement and compensation. You must verify with the course instructor whether the course has received the approval of the Consultative Psychological Service in advance before the course begins.

Teaching staff – Harov Institute courses are not recognized as compensation for continuing education for teaching staff.

Groups and organizations – it is possible to build courses that are known to reward further training for an additional fee.

*It is not possible to receive training compensation for Haruv on the air trainings .

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