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The Haruv Children’s Campus



The Haruv Children’s Campus is a unique and innovative initiative, the first of its kind in the world, whose goal is to create university-linked services for abused children. The campus brings together under one roof a variety of services for abused and neglected children. This initiative is led by the Haruv Institute in association with the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and through the generous support of the Schusterman Family Philanthropies – Israel and the JDC –Israel.


The campus will encourage mutual cooperation between the various services for maltreated children. Both clinical and therapeutic services will operate on campus, including child advocacy services, a range of training programs for students of the behavioral sciences and medicine  and accompanying research from the Hebrew University. The campus will facilitate synergy between the various services, will increase the individual contribution of each of the partners, creating a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts.


On campus a variety of services for children-at-risk are brought together: a children’s emergency center, a Child Protection Center (Beit Lynn), a treatment center for child victims of sexual abuse (Meital), the Jerusalem Center for Family and Marriage Counselling (Ma’avarim), the National Council for the Child, the SHEKEL Therapeutic Treatment Unit, the MSR Center for Social Simulation and the Goshen Initiative.


After two years of intensive work building the campus, construction was completed in December 2016 and its residents began moving in. In early January 2017 a moving opening ceremony took place, in the presence of representatives of the donors and representatives of the organizations and services that are populating the campus.


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