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Prof. Christine Wekerle

Dr. Wekerle has a Ph.D. (Clinical Psychology) from Western University, and has research contributions in the areas of impact of child maltreatment, adolescent dating violence, child sexual exploitation, youth mental health, and youth resilience, working in various systems and locales (child welfare, mental health, colleges/universities, Indigenous reserves in Canada).  She initiated the first peer-reviewed journal in youth resilience, the open access International Journal of Child and Adolescent Resilience (, now under the editorialship of Dr. Martine Hébert, the University of Quebec at Montreal, and is in her third term as Editor-in-Chief, Child Abuse & Neglect. She contributed to the Cultural Safety module of the free access curriculum for recognizing and responding to family violence, the Violence-Evidence-Action-Guidance, VEGA, project (Dr. Harriet MacMillan; and developed the resilience app, JoyPop (  She is a guest editor for a Frontiers Digital Health special issue, along with Drs. Shannon Self-Brown and Amanda Gilmore (

last update 20 November 2022
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