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The Eighth Public Lecture on Early Childhood Trauma in Memory of the late Patricia van Horn

Reflective Practice/Reflective Supervision: Holding the baby – caregiver and clinician in mind
Reflective Supervision/Reflective practice is widely considered the gold standard in work with infants and young children and their caregivers. It is a model of supervision where a supervisor or consultant guides and supports a therapist as they learn to deepen thinking about the families they serve. In this lecture, we will explore how RS can support clinicians in best practice as well as mitigate vicarious trauma/compassion fatigue.

Lili Gray, LCSW, RYT

Lili is a member of the Child Parent Psychotherapy CPP, Steering Committee, a National CPP trainer since 2005, and is partnered with the CPP developers through the SAMSHA grant funding development and dissemination of CPP. She provides training, consultation, and development of strategies and adaptations for CPP in the context of working with families, developing re-active supervision skills in therapists and supervisors, and therapist self care and vicarious trauma.

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