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Community level prevention of childhood maltreatment: next steps in a world with COVID-19

The International Journal of Child Maltreatment is glad to introduce Kempe Haruv joint session in which we will spotlight cutting edge knowledge through new publications in the field.
The sessions will be hosted by the journal’s editors-in-chief Prof. Carmit Katz and Dr. Jill McLeigh.
The first Kempe Harוv session will take place on Wednesday June 30, at 9:00am Central (17:00 In Israel).
Our presenter will be Prof. Beth Molnar Who will present and discuss her recent publication: “Community level prevention of childhood maltreatment: next steps in a world with COVID-19”

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Speaker Bio

Beth E. Molnar, ScD, Associate Professor of Health Sciences, is a social and psychiatric epidemiologist She has been conducting research on causes and consequences of family, youth and community violence for more than 20 years, especially on the etiology and consequences of child sexual abuse, and on community-level prevention of child maltreatment and youth violence.

Dr. Molnar is currently leading an evaluation study of a public health department providing enhanced services delivered by a family partner-clinician team for children 0-4 years in foster care with emerging social, emotional and behavioral issues. She also oversees the evaluation of the current Vicarious Trauma Resource Initiative funded by the Office for Victims of Crime, which is delivering training and technical assistance to 12 diverse communities around the U.S. She was the Principal Investigator for the Vicarious Trauma Toolkit project, a collaboration among university researchers, and national, international, and local organizations of first responders and victim service providers. It is an online repository of policies, practices, programs, scientific literature, links to websites and other resources to guide agencies in becoming vicarious trauma-informed. Dr. Molnar also serves on the Board of Directors of the Boston Area Rape Crisis Center, where she was previously a medical advocacy volunteer for seven years and served as Board President from 2015-2020.



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