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Additional Training And Study Sessions On Sexual Abuse

Programs 2017

Training the Staff at Beit-HaYeled on Sexual Abuse and Protection

In Partnership With: Beit-HaYeled

Goal: To train the staff of Beit-HaYeled on the subject of sexual abuse and protection

Target Population: The care giving staff, therapeutic staff and National Service volunteers

Number of Sessions:  3

Participants:  60

Location: Beit-HaYeled, Jerusalem

The DINA Program

In Partnership with: The Herzog Center

The Beit Midrash, an ancient Jewish institution of study, transforms – via the application of contemporary treatment methods and progressive knowledge – into a complex and in-depth platform for coping with issues of sexual abuse and violence, social and domestic isolation and experiences of victimization and loss of control. The Dina Program, implemented as both a workshop and a Beit Midrash, seeks to integrate both worlds of knowledge, the therapeutic and the Jewish, to address those issues that concern therapists, both in the contextual and emotional aspects, via the study of Jewish tradition and sources. The professional women’s ability to discuss texts from the world of Judaism enriches the discussion, empowers and introduces different directions of discussion and field work. This framework enables a meeting of experienced professional workers who work with abused children via different prisms: women therapists who treat both victims of abuse and the abuser, professionals involved in aspects of social change and directors of emergency frameworks. This variety creates a teaching, enriching and empowering symposium.

Goal: Senior, experienced professional women, dealing with issues of sexual abuse.

Number of Sessions:  12

Participants:  15

Location: Assistance Center for Sexually Abused Women, Ra’anana