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One-Day Seminar for Legal Aides

In 2018


One-Day Seminar for Legal Aides of Juvenile Court Judges

In collaboration with: The Ozmat Institute

Goal: To become familiar with the treatment process of children and youth at-risk, with emphasis on the services and treatment in the Arab sector in northern Israel.

Target Population: Legal aides of juvenile court judges throughout Israel

Number of Participants: 30

Location: Aablin

In 2017

In Partnership with: The Ozmat Institute

Goal: To study what characterizes maltreated children, and the risk factors hidden in the exposure to violence; the destructive influences of continual exposure to domestic violence, even when the child himself was not a victim of this violence; understanding the mechanisms of trauma and post-trauma and familiarity with the world of children exposed to violence.

Target Population: Legal aides to Juvenile Court judges

Number of Sessions: 1

Participants: 30

Location: Beit-Efal


last update 18 June 2019
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