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Protection Centers

Programs 2017


Directors of Protection Centers

In partnership with: Child & Youth Service, Welfare Ministry

Goal: The group of directors of the protection centers serves as a source of inspiration and learning for colleagues, with a rich variety of experience and multi-cultural backgrounds, an advisory, guidance and support group, and a culture of  togetherness and a sense of belonging.

Target Population: Protection Center directors

Number of Sessions:  9

Participants: 8

Location: Ramat Gan ( Information & Learning Center, Ashalim)


Child Protection Social-Workers Group at Protection Centers

In partnership with: Child & Youth Service, Welfare Ministry

Goal: The Child protection social workers each work in a separate protection center and must cope with difficult emotional and professional challenges. This group provides a learning and consultation milieu and the creation of a group of colleagues that can discuss professional cases and challenges.

Target Population: Child Protection  social workers at Protection Centers

Number of Sessions:  10

Participants: 12

Location: Ramat Gan (Information & Learning Center, Ashalim)


Protection Centers – Round Tables, 1 and 2

In partnership with: The Ministries of Welfare, Public Security, Health, Justice, Police

Goal: The national steering committee of the protection centers consists of representatives of the various government ministries, representatives of partnering NGO’s and of the protection centers. Each protection center formulated procedures fitting their activities. These formulations, now in the process of finalization, will be submitted for discussion during these study seminars and a final procedure will be formulated into a single obligatory document.

Target Population: Staff of the protection centers, and the ministries’ national and regional inspectors

Number of Sessions: 2

Participants: 200

Location:  Ramat Gan



Phototherapy Workshop for Protection Centers’ Staff

Goal: The workshop is targeted at professionals and addresses a wide spectrum of topics and challenges encountered by the organization and its professionals, in a creative manner via the camera lens. The program is part of many resources invested in every protection center individually, every year.

Target Population: Protection Centers’ staff

Number of Sessions: 1

Participants: 10 in each Center

Location:  Throughout Israel