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Protection Committees

Programs 2017


Protection Committees – South Mt. Hebron, Sussiya and Sansana

In partnership with: The South Mt. Hevron Social Services Department

Goal: To help the communities promote the protection of children in their community from abuse.

Target Population: Committee members, elected by their settlements, mostly from professions related to the committee’s mandate (rabbis, social workers, psychologists, lawyers, etc.).

Number of Sessions:  2 settlements, 5 meetings per team led by a professional specializing in abuse and community escorting.

Participants: 12 (about 6 in each committee)

Location: The settlements in South Mt.Hevron in which protection committees operate.


Evening Seminar for Committee Members in South Mt. Hevron

Goal: To teach all the committees together on topics related to their committees’ work and discuss crucial issues related to their work.

Target Population: Members of the Protection Committees

Number of Sessions:  1

Participants: 28

Location: South Mt. Hevron Regional Council, Meitarim



Protection Committee, Jordan Valley

In partnership with: Jordan Valley Regional Council, Maale Ephraim Local Council

Goal: To help the community promote the protection of children in their congregation from abuse.

Target Population: Members of the Protection Committees of the above councils, and the social workers from these sectors.

Number of Sessions:  5

Participants: 45

Location: Jordan Valley Regional Council


Protection Committee, Nahal Sorek

In partnership with: Nahal Sorek Regional Council

Goal: Providing relevant knowledge, creating work procedures and working on actual cases in the field. Moreover, a one-day seminar was held to strengthen public awareness of the issue of maltreated children.

Target Population: Members of the Protection Committees in the settlements in which they volunteer, educators, welfare workers and residents.

Number of Sessions:  5 sessions throughout the year per settlement (a total of 25 sessions) and 1 one-day seminar.

Participants: 5 in each committee, a total of 25; the one-day seminar – 350 participants.

Location: Nahal Sorek Regional Council



Professional Accompanimentof the Tene Omarim Protection Committee

Goal: Enlisting the community for protection of its children, and of other members at risk. This program is part of an extensive program in South Mt.Hevron, in which local residents receive training.

Target Population: Volunteers

Number of Sessions:  5

Participants: 8

Location: Tene Omarim Settlement, South Mt. Hevron


One-Day Seminar – Youth Advancement and Welfare Workers, Central Region

In partnership with: Youth Advancement, Education Ministry, Central Region, Welfare Ministry, Branch for Sexual Assault Victims,  The Association of Rape Crisis Centers

Goal: The one-day seminar was titled “Sexuality, Sexual Assault and What Lies Between Them”, addressing issues relating to sexuality and assault.

Target Population: Workers for youth advancement and welfare workers in the central region who treat adolescents.

Number of Sessions:  1

Participants: 130

Location: Petakh Tikva


One-Day Seminar for Workers in Gush Etzion

Goal: Imparting knowledge on the subject of communal responsibility for community coordinators, detecting youth victims of abuse and developing a dialogue with them – for Youth Advancementworkers.

Target Population: Community coordinators, youth coordinators, youth advancement workers, Gush Etzion Regional Council

Number of Sessions:  1 (This day is part of an extensive 3-year program on protection in the settlements of the Gush Etzion Regional Council).

Participants: 40

Location: Gush Etzion Community Center


Evening Seminar for Residents of Gush Etzion

Goal: To raise the subject of protection in the settlements. The closing event of the program is described in the above paragraph.

Target Population: Protection Committee members and residents of the Gush Etzion settlements

Number of Sessions:  1

Participants: 150

Location: Gush Etzion Community Center