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Study Programs For Professionals From The Ultra-Orthodox Sector

Programs 2018


Training the Educational Staff at the Talmud Torah centers in Bnei Brak, Jerusalem and Beit Shemesh

Goal: To increase awareness of the subject of sexual abuse and increase the detection and identification of children in Talmud Torah schools that were maltreated.

Target Population: Educational staffs at the Talmud Torah schools in Bnei Brak, Jerusalem and Beit Shemesh.

Number of Sessions: 4-10 in each school

Number of Participants: Approximately 200

Location: Jerusalem, Bnei Brak and Beit Shemesh


Training Psychologists of the Psychological-Educational Services, Elad

In collaboration with: The Elad Municipality

Goal: To train psychologists from the Psychological-Educational Service in treating sexually abused children in the ultra-Orthodox community.

Target Population: Educational psychologists in Elad, Shomron and Emannuel

Number of Sessions: 20

Number of Participants: 25

Location: Shoham


Training Program for Congregational Rabbis in Beit Shemesh

Goal: To increase awareness of the subject of sexual abuse, and the role of the rabbi’s intervention in the community on this subject.

Target Population: The rabbis of the Beit Shemesh congregations

Number of Sessions: 3

Number of Participants: 20

Location: Beit Shemesh


Training Program for Youth Counselors in the ultra-Orthodox Communities in Jerusalem

Goal: To provide tools for detecting and identifying maltreated children and youth

Target Population: Youth counselors in the ultra-Orthodox neighborhoods

Number of Sessions: 4

Number of Participants: 20

Location: Jerusalem

Programs 2017


Psychological-Educational Services, Elad


Goal: Training psychologists in treating children victims of sexual abuse

Target Population: Educational psychologists

Number of Sessions: 19

Participants: 26

Location:  Shoham



Training Educational Staff in Talmud Torah centers

In partnership with: The B’nai Brak Municipality

Goal: Increasing awareness of sexual abuse in ultra-Orthodox society and methods of coping within the educational frameworks

Target Population: Educational staffs in the Talmud Torah schools – educators, supervisors, principals

Number of Sessions: 20

Participants: 80

Location:  B’nai Brak, Elad, Beit-Shemesh


Training Parenting Counselors

Goal: Increasing awareness and training on the subject of child abuse: detecting, identifying and coping within the educational system and the community

Target Population: Parenting counselors, educators and advisors

Number of Sessions: 12

Participants: 20

Location: Y.N.R Center



Training Ultra-Orthodox Female Therapists, Cohort 6

Goal: Imparting knowledge on treating child victims of sexual abuse

Target Population: Ultra-Orthodox therapists

Number of Sessions: 20

Participants: 36

Location:  Haruv Children’s Campus


Enrichment Activities for Female and Male Ultra-Orthodox Graduates of the Training Program on Treatment of Child Sexual Abuse

Goal: Advanced training for ultra-Orthodox graduates of Haruv, in order to create a congregation of therapists that continues to learn and remain updated.

Target Population: Male and female graduates of the programs

Number of Sessions: 2, 3

Participants:  30, 25

Location: Training Center, B’nai Brak


Training for Rabbis on Child Victims of Abuse and Neglect

Goal: Training municipal rabbis to address the issue vis-à-vis the community

Target Population: Municipal rabbis

Number of Sessions: 4

Participants:  25

Location: The Rabbinate of Jerusalem


Detecting, Identifying and Addressing Sexual Abuse in Educational Frameworks

Goal: Providing tools to cope with the phenomenon of sexual abuse in ultra-Orthodox institutions

Target Population: Ultra-Orthodox male and female counselors (3 programs)

Number of Sessions: 6

Participants:  About 20 in each program

Location: Jerusalem, Rehovot and Petakh-Tikva

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