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Study Programs For The OTOT Organization (NGO)

The OTOT Organization provides out-of-home solutions within the community for youth-at-risk from fringe populations. Via its various hostels it provides treatment, education and rehabilitation to adolescents from a variety of populations , while integrating them into the surrounding community. This is the fifth year that this seminar is taking place, in cooperation with the Haruv Institute.


Programs 2018


Training Programs for the Staff of the “Otot” Organization (NGO)

One-Day Study Seminar: Talking Directly with Adolescents about Trauma

March 3, 2018

In collaboration with: Otot” (NGO)

Goal: To expose counselors working at the “Otot” hostels to process the need and skills for speaking directly with adolescents about trauma.

Target Population: Counselors from four hostels of “Otot” (NGO)

Number of Participants: 40

Location: The Haruv Children’s Campus


Training Program for Hostel Coordinators

In collaboration with: Otot” (NGO)

Goal: To implement the contents learned in the previous year’s training program on the subject of the “trauma lens”.

Target Population: Hostel coordinators of “Otot” (NGO)

Number of Sessions: 6

Number of Participants: 19

Location: Haruv Institute


Creating Hostels Oriented Towards Trauma Principles for Adolescent Boys at Risk

In collaboration with: “Otot” (NGO)

Goal: To help instill knowledge and tools based on work with children who experienced trauma, at hostels for at-risk adolescent boys.

Target Population: The staff of three hostels in Jerusalem: Oranim, Atnachta, Beit-Ariel

Number of Sessions: 5

Number of Participants: 10

Location: Jerusalem

Programs 2017


Training coordinators of the OTOT Organization, on the Trauma Lens and its Contribution to aAdolescent Residential Care

Goal: The coordinators in the various OTOT frameworks are challenged with complex professional issues, because of their work with adolescents in a state of severe trauma, following abuse and neglect. Understanding the “trauma lens” – how it affects these adolescents and how to cope with its manifestations – can help treat this population.

Target Population: Coordinators of out-of-home placement frameworks of the OTOT Organization

Number of Sessions: 7

Participants: 18

Location:Haruv Children’s Campus


One-Day Seminar for Social Workers in the OTOT Organization’s frameworks

Goal: The aim is to train social-workers in understanding the “trauma lens” contribution to their work in an adolescent residential setting.

Target Population: Social-workers

Number of Sessions: 1

Participants: 15

Location: Haruv Institute


Training Social Workers of the OTOT Organization, on the Trauma Lens and its Contribution to Adolescent Residential care – Advanced In-Depth Studies

Goal: To deepen the learning in all aspects of the contribution of the “Trauma Lens” in the out-of-home placement frameworks.

Target Population: Social workers of the OTOT Organization

Number of Sessions: 3

Participants: 20

Location: Haruv Children’s Campus


Training Program for Directors of the OTOT Organization Hostels

Goal: Understanding trauma through the trauma lens, how it affects youth and how to cope with its manifestations. This training program also works to help acquire knowledge and tools regarding trauma, which will help those in managerial positions to better direct the frameworks under their management.

Target Population: Directors of the OTOT Organization hostels

Number of Sessions: 4

Participants: 18

Location: Haruv Institute


Creating Trauma-Informed Hostels: Planning Sessions with the OTOT Organization’s Jerusalem Hostels

Goal: The OTOT Organization with the Haruv Institute work jointly to implement elements of trauma therapy into the organization’s Jerusalem hostels. The senior teams chose elements they wished to introduce – such as a system for absorbing different kinds of adolescents, psycho-educational groups, etc. They met every few months to report on progress and discuss various issues that surfaced during the implementation process. Following the three training seminars already held, three Jerusalem hostels have decided to work together to create elements of trauma-informed intervention therapy in their hostels. Every few months a joint brain-storming session is held.

Target Population: The senior staff of three Jerusalem hostels of OTOT Organization

Number of Sessions: 1

Participants: 5

Location: Jerusalem

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