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Training programs for Social Services Departments and Psychological-Educational Services


Programs 2018


Training Program on the Prevention and Detection of Sexual Abuse in the Educational System and the Community, in the Mateh Binyamin Region

In collaboration with: The Social Services Department and The Psychological-Educational Services, the Mateh Binyamin Region

Goal: To provide the trainees with tools for preventing, coping and treating cases of sexual abuse within the educational system and the community.

Target Population: Social workers in the Welfare Department and educational psychologists in the Psychological-Educational Services

Number of Sessions: 9

Number of Participants: 27

Location: The Mateh Binyamin Region


Study Program for Educational Psychologists on Trauma-informed Interventions for Preschoolers, in Cases of Trauma and Domestic Violence

In collaboration with:  The Educational-Psychological Service, Netanya

Goal: To provide therapists with tools when meeting families and children in ongoing trauma (fringe families), for evaluation and treatment; to provide the program’s graduates with information and tools to carry out a dyadic therapeutic dialogue when treating fringe families within the Educational-Psychological Service framework.

Target Population: Educational psychologists and developmental psychologists in the Psychological-Educational Services.

Number of Sessions: 10

Number of Participants: 60

Location: Netanya

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