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Training Programs For Occupational Therapists

Programs 2017


Exposure Lectures – Occupational Therapy with Child Victims of Abuse and Neglect

Goal: Proximate to the official opening of the occupational therapy clinic at the Haruv Campus for Children, lectures were given to the staffs of the caregiving facilities on campus in order to introduce them to the activities of the clinic and the solutions it offers, and to promote referrals of children to occupational therapy.

Target Population:  The staff of the Meital Center; the staff of Schusterman Emergency Center

Number of Sessions: 1, 2

Participants:  25, 50

Location: Haruv Children’s Campus

Practical Training in Occupational Therapy with Child Victims of Abuse and Neglect

Goal: The program is aimed at students of Occupational Therapy, to provide training for those specializing in working with maltreated children.

Background: Occupational therapists are trained to assist in increasing a child’s participation and improving his sense of capability. However, learning about the unique characteristics of child victims of abuse and neglect is  not an integral part of the  professional training. Some of the children who come under the care of the occupational therapists – children on the autistic spectrum, children with ADHD, learning disabilities and other developmental obstacles – must deal, in addition to developmental problems, with trauma or communication disorders that may not have been identified earlier. Within this training framework, the students were exposed to selected issues in their field, through both independent learning and participating in the Haruv Institute’s activities.

Target Population:  Occupational Therapy students from the School of Occupational  Therapy, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and Hadassah.

Number of Sessions: In 2017, a pilot program of 8 sessions was launched (March – May, 2017), followed by two full training programs (June-July, 2019 – 8 weeks; November 2017 – January 2018 – 12 weeks).

Participants: 5 students

Location: Haruv Children’s Campus


Lecture for Students of Occupational Therapy

In Partnership with: The School of Occupational Therapy

Goal: To expose the students to the subject of child abuse and its prevalenceprior to their hands-on work experiences in the various facilities, in which they will also encounter maltreated children.

Target Population:  First-year students of Occupational Therapy

Number of Sessions: 1

Participants: 30

Location: The School of Occupational Therapy, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem

One-Day Seminar for Occupational Therapists

Goal: The subject of abuse and neglect of children is not familiar enough to occupational therapists. Therefore, the objective is to raise awareness of the subject among the occupational therapists, to help them detect and identify abused children.

Target Population:  Occupational Therapists

Number of Sessions: 1

Participants: 30

Location: Haruv Children’s Campus