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Training School Staff


Goal: To provide school staff members with tools to detect and identify child victims of abuse and neglect within the school, and tools to help the staff respond and address any suspected child abuse, vis-à-vis the child, his family and community-based treatment agencies. Additionally, to give teachers the tools for inward observation in their work with girl students with emotional problems, victims of abuse, to help them increase the visibility of their students’ strengths and capabilities alongside their hurt and difficulties.

Target Population: School staff, teachers and therapists

Number of Sessions:  9-10

Participants: 112

Location: Holon, the Haruv Institute


In 2017, four intervention programs in schools were held:

  • Yuvalim School of Special Education (girls with emotional problems)
  • Shazar School, Holon
  • Yuval School in Jerusalem – One-Day Seminar
  • Herzfeld School, Holon