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Training The Staffs Of The “A Home For Every Child” Non-Profit Organization, In Collaboration With The Organization

The “A Home for Every Child” non-profit organization provides a solution for about 2,000 children per year who must cope with neglect, and emotional and sexual abuse. The organization operates treatment frameworks for children-at-risk, such as emergency centers in Jerusalem and in Be’er Sheva, a transitional home and after-school therapeutic programs, and the Meital Center. Herein lies the importance of collaboration between the Haruv Institute and the “A Home For Every Child” – through the training of its professional staff, the help the organization offers children at risk will  develop and improve.


Programs 2017


Training the Staff of After-School Programs, “A Home for Every Child” (East Jerusalem)

Goal: To provide the multi-disciplinary staff of the after-school frameworks with tools to apply in their work in therapy, working with and guiding children-at-risk.

Target Population: The staff of the after-school therapeutic frameworks

Number of Sessions: 3

Participants: 20

Location: the Haruv Institute


Study Seminar for the Staff of the “A Home for Every Child” After-School Programs

Goal: Familiarity with the principles of trauma therapy, trauma’s impact and how to deal with its manifestations – which will help the after-school frameworks’ staff to treat the children-at-risk.

Target Population: Social workers, directors, coordinators and counselors at the after-school programsof “A Home for Every Child” Organization.

Number of Sessions: 2

Participants: 50

Location:  Campus


Study Seminar for the Staff of the Be’er Sheva Emergency Center on Integrating the Principles of Treating Trauma in Childhood.

Goal: All the children and adolescents who arrive at the emergency centers have experienced traumatic events in the family, in addition to the trauma of emergency placement outside their homes. These events impacted on their development and their relationship with their parents. Current studies indicate dramatic repercussions of childhood trauma on the development of the child’s brain, both physical and mental health, and even life span.

Target Population: The Staff of the Be’er Sheva Emergency Center

Number of Sessions: 6

Participants: 50

Location:  Be’er Sheva