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International delegation from Italy

January 2016


Adelegation of seven professionals was invited to visit in Israel for A five-day visit, in January 2016 , from Puglia, southern Italy. The delegation was led by a senior researcher at the Zancan Institute in Padua, and included two senior academicians from the University of Bari and four senior delegates from the social organizations and the regional welfare network. In the course of the week’s visit, and the delegates’ residence in Jerusalem, they visited a wide array of social services for children-at-risk (including an emergency center, a protection center, the Jerusalem Municipality’s Social & Community Sector), attended lectures given by the finest researchers in the field and met with leading academicians and policy-makers in the Welfare Ministry. The delegation also visited at Yad Vashem and other major sites in Jerusalem and were glad of the opportunity to meet central figures involved in developing services for children-at-risk in Israel.

A reciprocal visit to Italy of a delegation of professionals from the Jerusalem Municipality and the Haruv Institute will take place in 2017.

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