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Tempus-TACHYWE: Transnational Academic Careers in Child Welfare

In 2015, the Haruv Institute once again partnered with Tempus, the prestigious European Union program aimed at encouraging academic collaboration among EU member countries and countries in the Balkan region, central Asia, and the Mediterranean.
The Institute participates in the program as part of the e TACHYWE project (Transnational Academic Careers in Child Welfare), in collaboration  with additional partners: Hebrew University, Jerusalem; Ben Gurion University of the Negev; Sapir Academic College; Hildesheim University, Germany; Trinity College, Ireland; Free University of Bozen, Italy; E. Zancan Institute , Italy; MGOU University, Moscow, Russia; and Don Brostov University, Russia.

In April 2015 an international conference was held at Ben Gurion University, with the participation of representatives of the Haruv Institute and other partners.  In the framework of the project, which came to a close  at the end of 2015, a multinational study program in the field of children and adolescent welfare was developed , details of which will appear in a book slated for 2016 publication.

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