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Research On Views Held By Therapists Treating Sexually Abused People With Disablities

The Tony Eliashar SHEKEL Therapeutic Center provides therapeutic care for children, adolescents and adults with disabilities. The Center runs a cognitive-behavioral intervention program (CBT) that is trauma-focused, for people with disabilities who were victims of sexual abuse. The program is accompanied by a research program of the Haruv Institute, together with Dr. Dafna Tener from the School of Social Work of the Hebrew University, and with SHEKEL. The research program examines the views of the therapists at the Center regarding the CBT treatment method. At this stage, in-depth interviews with the therapists are being conducted. Analysis of the interviews will help understand how the therapists experience this method, to what extent they feel it is effective and beneficial to their clients, if the tools they acquired serve them in their ongoing work and whether they think this method contributes to improving the quality of treatment.

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