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Seminar for European Rabbis, in Sophia, Bulgaria

November 5-7, 2018

In collaboration with: The Conference of European Rabbis

Background and Goal: One of the roles of a rabbi, abroad and in Israel – in addition to serving as the authority on matters of Kashrut, Halacha (Jewish law) and religious identity – is to serve as the spiritual leader of his congregation. As such, he is often approached with many questions and requests for advice on a wide spectrum of personal issues, including situations of family crisis. Unfortunately, many congregations have to cope with situations in which children are hurt or abused, either by a member of the congregation or someone from the outside. In order to reinforce the rabbi’s status as leader of the congregation and provide him with tools to reinforce the congregation’s strength and protection, a collaboration has grown between the Haruv Institute and the Conference of European Rabbis, and thus this seminar was created.

Target Population: Congregational rabbis in Europe

Number of Participants: 18

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