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Dr. Aviv Landau

Dr. Aviv Landau is a postdoctoral research scholar at the Data Science Institute at Columbia University. Dr. Landau received his B.S.W, M.S.W, and Ph.D. from the University of Haifa, Israel. During his studies, Aviv worked for several years as a social worker in Haifa with youth from diverse and marginalized backgrounds such as; immigrants, LGBQs, and school dropouts.

His Dissertation, under the guidance of Professor Zvi Eisikovits and Professor Sheizaf Rafaeli, explores the common phenomenon of social rejection among youth in online social networks by examining online interactions and the perspectives of youth who have experienced online social rejection by their peers.

As part of his postdoctoral Haruv Fellowship, Dr. Landau will join The Data Science Institute at Columbia to research child abuse and neglect through computational data methodologies such as artificial intelligence and digital data.



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