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The Campus Units

  • The Schusterman Emergency Center for Children and Families

    02-671-2030 Director: Ofir Murad   The Schusterman Center was established in 1992 as the first emergency center in Israel. The Center addresses the needs of at-risk and vulnerable children up to the age of fourteen, victims of emotional, physical and sexual abuse and/or[...]

  • Beit Lynn

    02-644-8844 Director: Lee levy Child Advocacy Center - BIET LYNN – Protection for Children & Youth in Jerusalem, is one of seven protection centers operating throughout Israel. This service, the first to be established in Israelin 2000, provides initial assistance to children[...]

  • The National Concil for the Child

    02-678-0606 Executive Director: Vered Windman, Attorney-At-Law The Israel National Council for the Child has been active for the past three decades in protecting the children of Israel and promoting their safety, well-being and their rights. The uniqueness of the Council is in its[...]

  • Meital Center

     02-5907007 Director: Merav Sabban   The Meital Center For Treatment Of Child & Youth Victims Of Sexual Abuse In Jerusalem Is a service offered free of charge to all families in need of help .The service is funded by the Ministry of Welfare and the[...]

  • Ma’avarim – Welfare Center

    02-546-8246 Director: Zahala Bokere   “MA'AVARIM” is a department in the Community Services Administration of the Jerusalem Municipality’s Welfare Branch, which provides the city’s residents with family and marriage counseling and therapy. Its staff includes social workers, parental coordinators, family and marriage counselors, etc.[...]

  • Toni Eliashar – SHEKEL Therapeutic Center

    02-6711710 Director: Aya Roth   SHEKEL is a non-profit organization. It is the leading facility in Israel integrating people with special needs into the general community. SHEKEL has established and operates a series of services and support networks that include a Living in[...]

  • MSR – Israel Center for Medical Simulation

    073-3949130  MSR.JERUSALEM@SHEBA.GOV.IL Director: Rachel solski   The JERUSALEM BRANCH of the ISRAEL CENTER FOR MEDICAL SIMULATION During the past decade we have witnessed the growing trend of using medical simulation for training and assessment in the medical professions. This trend has increased especially in[...]

  • GOSHEN – Community Child Health & Well Being

    02-6285891 Directors: Dr. Manuel Katz And Prof. Eitan Kerem   GOSHEN, a non-profit organization, works to promote the health and well-being of all children in the family and the community. GOSHEN does so by improving the ability of professionals to address the varied health[...]

  • Latet-Pe – Dare to Share

    Latet-Pe – Dare to Share: Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Programs   The non-profit organization, Latet Pe, was founded in 2015 to significantly reduce child sexual abuse in schools and communities, and to promote a value-based understanding of healthy and safe sexuality among[...]

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