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The Campus Architecture

The Children’s Campus was built on the site of two buildings of the Resnik Student Dormitories.

Designing the campus structure was very complex and demanded collaborative thinking and close coordination between all the partner organizations on campus and the planners. Leaving the external walls intact, the buildings were gutted and both the interior and exterior spaces underwent massive renovation. The renovation work, led by many professional teams throughout the year, was successfully completed within two years. As the work progressed, many meetings took place between the planners and the campus managerial staff, coordinating every detail to suit the needs of the campus units and clientele.


Much thought was invested in the planning and design of the campus, taking into consideration the needs of the children and their families. Thus, for instance, throughout the campus calming elements have been introduced, such as water, pastoral greenery, play areas created from natural materials and seating areas in warm, pleasant colors. The interior spaces have colorful play rooms, work areas that provide privacy, and a school and kindergarten for children at the emergency center.


The campus design was altered many times, undergoing constant changes and adjustments. The final result is magnificently beautiful. The campus facilities are fully accessible to the handicapped. The dignity and privacy of the facilities’ clientele are maintained through diverse partitions, screening plants, stairs, elevators and separate paths. Some areas of the campus are accessible to all, whereas others are open only to personnel servicing those areas. Work on the campus was completed in a relatively short period of time, compared to structures of similar scope – thanks to the unceasing devotion of all those who labored towards its creation.

last update 21 February 2019
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