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Prof. Carmit Katz

Research Director

Carmit Katz is a social worker and faculty member at the Bob Shappell School of Social Work at Tel Aviv University.

Prof. Katz specializes ​​ in child maltreatment and neglect. Her research and operations within the field revolve around four main axes: The first is direct discourse with abused children; the second is promotion and development of services and interventions for children affected by domestic trauma; the third is the study of family dynamics in abuse cases; the fourth is abuse prevention.

 She believes that the prevention of maltreatment and neglect is a moral obligation of utmost importance and that professionals from all disciplines must strive to discourse with the children themselves in relation to their life contexts. Those beliefs are at the basis of her entire work.

She is also the founder of The Israeli Public Committee for Policy Change on Child Sexual Abuse and the International Group of Scholars Protecting Children from Maltreatment During the COVID-19 Pandemic. ISPCAN has recognized the group as a leading group in children’s safety during a global pandemic.

Prof. Katz is the editor-in-chief of the International Journal of Child Maltreatment, published by Springer.

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