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About Haruv USA

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Haruv-USA: A New International Center Leading the Way towards Excellence in the Treatment of Child Victims of Maltreatment.

Haruv-USA at the University of Oklahoma at Tulsa is a new initiative of the Charles and Lynn Schusterman Family Philanthropies, which combines the best of two worlds: The unique expertise and international leadership of the Haruv Institute-Israel, and the evidence-based educational expertise and knowledge of the University of Oklahoma at Tulsa, and of the Anne and Henry Zarrow school of Social Work. This new center will focus on comprehensive and multi-disciplinary education and on training students and professionals working with child victims of maltreatment. Specifically, Haruv-USA strives to train professionals on the prevention, identification and treatment of child victims of abuse and neglect.

Haruv-USA is housed in the innovative simulation wing of the Tandy Education Center in the OU-Tulsa Schusterman Center.

Innovative social and medical simulations are conducted at the Tandy Education Center. The simulations provide  a unique training method and enable colleagues and experts in the field to provide feedback. Simulations make it possible for students and professionals to exercise and practice their skills in a safe environment which simulates reality very closely.

The Center’s facilities include an apartment in which house calls and other interventions can be practiced; consultation rooms; emergency rooms; an intensive care unit; and rooms for debriefing after simulations.

Simulations are recorded and photographed. The participants view them during the briefing   and receive feedback from virtual clients (actors playing the roles of clients), from colleagues, and from supervisors.   Learning through simulation is a meaningful and powerful experience which bridges theory and practice.


Similarly to Haruv-Israel, Haruv-USA will use a multi-tiered strategy to achieve its goals:


  • Development of innovative educational programs to equip professionals with updated professional tools, both theoretical and empirical, to enable them to function at the highest professional level.
  • Cultivating a community of professionals who will be able to provide professional care to the community with the highest standarts

Raising public awareness on child maltreatment and on mandatory reporting through public education and by investing in efforts to influence policy and legislation on child abuse and neglect.


Conferences and courses at Haruv-USA are targeted to professionals from a variety of disciplines:


  • Hospital pediatricians
  • Family and community social workers
  • Legal and judicial professionals
  • Public prosecuting attorneys
  • Community and hospital psychiatrists
  • Mental health professionals
  • Child protection workers
  • School psychologists and educational counselors
  • Clinicians and therapists.

Haruv-USA utilizes Haruv-Israel’s vast experience in training professionals, in working with special populations, and in specializing in simulation-based training, while tailoring the work to the specific needs of local professionals.


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