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Beit Lynn


Director: Lee levy

Child Advocacy Center – BIET LYNN – Protection for Children & Youth in Jerusalem, is one of seven protection centers operating throughout Israel. This service, the first to be established in Israelin 2000, provides initial assistance to children and youth (up to the age of eighteen) who are victims of sexual, physical and emotional abuse and severe neglect, as well as to minors with sexually abusive behavior (up to the age of 12). The Center is run by EFSHAR, a non-profit organization for the development of welfare and educational services. The Center provides the minor and his or her family with a process of initial support, diagnosis, investigation and decisionmaking in a short time period, from a holistic viewpoint and with a focus on the minor’s best interests. The Center works in close cooperation with a multidisciplinary staff: a social worker trained in juvenile law, a child protective investigator, a police youth investigator, a pediatrician, a representative of the Attorney General’s Office and the Center’s director. In addition to the benefits of significant initial intervention, this path of action spares the minor and his family bureaucratic procedures that require multiple interviews and examinations, in various locations and over a long time period, and enables curtailing the time spent on investigations and helping the police gather evidence in real time.

last update 25 February 2019
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